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My story — I wanted to buy the quadrocopter at and they deceived me for $ 237 bucks.

Also, these scammers were on ebay under the name goodlucksell.
If you placed an order — check shipping time and open dispute at the slightest suspicion. Not trust promises of seller.

I did order IFLY-4 Cool Folding ARF Quadcpoter 450mm Shaft Distance With Rabbit Flight Controller.


goodluckbuy screenshot

Shop did not give the tracking number.

When I contacted them — they told me that it is the failure of the scanner, and if the package does not come — a week later they re-sent.
Tearfully begged not to open the debate and I’m a fool to believe them.
After that they began to say that the boss asks to wait for more and more …

Really — they do not even send a package, since does not come confirmation in my email (I know — confirmation comes automatically)

As a result, I lost my money. I do not advise them to buy. This same-quadrocopter I went to Ebay. and goodlucksell — unreliable sellers who deceive you — do not believe them!

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